Welcome to Arrow Tipi. New tipis, used tipis and poles are available. Rentals and repairs are welcome. Pitching is made easy and safe with our patented "Widgets." We build durable, contemporary Tipis for all kinds of commercial operations and ordinary folks. We Deliver.

Tipi also spelled tepee or teepee means a conical aboriginal structure consisting a  set of tipi poles covered by fabric or animal skins. Plain Indians have used tepees for shelter for thousands of years.

Arrow Tipi can  supply teepees, used tipis, tipi poles, widgets, tipi platforms or just a tipi door.. Situated in the Arrow Lakes, we can supply tepee services including: tipi rentals, tipi repair, tipi pitching and tipi manufacturing. Transporting tipis and repairing tipis are part of our service as a tipi maker. Our website arrowtipi.com has more information about tipi living, Widgets, tipi prices, tipi platforms, tipi poles, tipi rentals, used tipis, widgets, pitching tipis, transporting tipis, repairing tipis, and tipi manufacturing. Tipi pitching is made easier with our pitching widgets and our tipi poles.

  We stock all sizes of tipis and poles for immediate shipping or delivery. No deposits, no waiting.
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For more information, please contact Sandy at Arrow Tipi. 1-250-265-4998 1-866-902-3399 sandy@arrowtipi.com