Fires & Stoves

Fires make tipi life unique... They provide a warm, dry atmosphere and cooking facilities within your shelter. While a stove will burn longer than your fire, it doesn't have the same cozy atmosphere.
One solution is to use a small stove and have an open fire next to it.  
Another solution is to use a heater with glass doors.

Pipe in fresh air from outside to feed your fire.  A piece of steel pipe at least 1-1/2"  dia.(exhaust pipe from a muffler shop is ideal.... $20-$30.) It can be buried and should end in the fire pit.  This will not only reduce smoke in the tipi,it will also reduce draughts.

Scrape the earth inside your firepit down to mineral soil. If your tipi site is temporary, remove the sod carefully with a shovel and set aside to replace when you leave. Take care in selecting the rocks for your fire ring. Round river granite and other rocks may explode as they heat up. Volcanic rock is best. Cement barbecue bricks that form a ring when joined together work well in a permanent site. Leave a space between your firepit and the platforms. A free-standing portable screen is useful.

For more information, please contact Sandy at Arrow Tipi. 1-250-265-4998 1-866-902-3399