Liner and Ozan For 4 season comfort or privacy
Tie liner rope to the door poles at about head height.

Run the rope around the tipi behind the poles (Do not wind the rope around each pole as this will cause water dripping).

Spread the liner inside the tipi- wrong side up
Tie the end of the rope to the other door pole.

Tie liner bottom ties to the bottom of the poles (Fencing Staples can be hammered into the ends of the poles to tie to).

Tie top liner ties to the liner rope between the poles.
Tighten liner rope to adjust liner to fit tipi.
18ft and larger have a separate liner and ozan

Tie ozan to liner rope. It should be centered at the back of the tipi.
For more information, please contact Sandy at Arrow Tipi. 1-250-265-4998 1-866-902-3399