These are our preferred shipping options. Other arrangements are possible.

Shipping Weights

  • 12ft tipi 40lbs
  • 12ft pole set 180lbs
  • 15ft tipi 60lbs
  • 15ft pole set 250lbs
  • 18ft tipi 80lbs
  • 18ft pole set 340lbs
  • 21ft tipi 105lbs
  • 21ft pole set 460lbs
  • 24ft tipi 130lbs
  • 24ft pole set 600lbs


Your tipi will be shipped to you in a Rubbermaid Roughtote . Delivery does not include a Roughtote. If you are shipping to us please ship in the correct sized tote . Your tipi will be returned ready to pitch in your tote.

Repair Shipping Weights

  • 12ft tipi 30lbs
  • 15ft tipi 45lbs
  • 18ft tipi 60lbs
  • 21ft tipi 80lbs
  • 24ft tipi 105lbs

Roughtote Size

Roughtote Size
  • 12 and 15ft tipis. 106 litre 26 US gallons
  • 18ft tipi 109 litre 28.8 US gallons
  • 24 and 21ft tipis 189 litre 50 US gallons

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